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A balanced facial profile counts on two key features in terms of establishing facial symmetry which are nose and chin. If your chin is under defined or receding, the lower third and upper two thirds of facial structure will look disproportionate, and this imbalance is magnified if the nose is over sized as this displays the chin even more weak. A well defined chin and jawline are essential features of a balanced face and considered aesthetically attractive for both women and men.

Chin augmentation surgery is one of the most striking cosmetic facial procedure that designed to balance the face and overall harmony of the facial profile by enhancing the chin contour. According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the demand for chin augmentation surgery increased more than breast augmentation, Botox and liposuction combined together in the last few years for both women and men. Fortunately, MediExpert is dedicated to meet with specific aesthetic goals of each particular patient to deliver the desired results through a safe, short and simple procedure.


Chin augmentation also known as ‘Mentoplasty’, is a surgical cosmetic procedure to reshape the chin either by placing an implant or adjusting the facial bones in order to achieve an enhanced chin and balanced face appearance.


A chin augmentation can be performed on both women and men who are in generally good health and feel the need to improve their chin contour can be eligible for chin augmentation. You are an ideal candidate if you have one or more of the following facial features:

  • A small and recessed chin
  • Fleshy neck
  • Large or prominent nose
  • Weak chin
  • Double chin
  • Misshapen chin
  • Asymmetrical jawline
  • Fatty deposits under the chin
  • Unbalanced facial structure


MediExpert surgeon will discuss the following issues during your chin augmentation consultation:

  • Your surgical goals to be achieved
  • Your general health status will be evaluated, allergies and previous medical treatments will be checked
  • Current prescribed medications and the usage of supplements and vitamins will be checked
  • Smoking, alcohol and drug usage will be asked
  • Previous surgery history if any
  • Chin augmentation options will be discussed
  • Course of treatment will be recommended
  • The type of anesthesia that will be used will be discussed
  • Photos of the face will be taken
  • Potential complications and the risks of chin augmentation surgery will be discussed


We will ask the patients to prepare for the chin augmentation procedure in advance in order to ensure for the procedure to be as smoothly as possible before and after. Some of the instructions that may be required from the patients are as follows:

  • Blood testing will be required to evaluate general health status prior to the surgery and EKG may also be requested from your surgeon
  • Avoid all sorts of blood thinners and certain anti-inflammatory drugs at least 10 days prior to the surgery as they might increase bleeding and bruising
  • Stop smoking both nicotine or marijuana at least two weeks prior to the surgery as it can delay the healing process. If you are a heavy smoker, we will try to encourage you to avoid smoking as much as possible prior to the surgery
  • Avoid alcohol at least 1 week prior to the surgery as it may prolong the swelling
  • Avoid taking any herbal supplements such as fish oil, garlic extract and Vitamin E 10 days before the surgery as these may prolong the bleeding
  • Drink plenty of water in the days approaching the surgery
  • Sleep well the night of the surgery
  • Ensure to have cold compresses ready to use after the surgery
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes and not wear jewelry and necklaces at the day of the surgery
  • Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to the surgery except any prescribed medication
  • Ensure picking up the prescribed post operative medications prior to the surgery
  • Ensure that the bed in pre-arranged with plenty of pillows as elevation of the head will reduce swelling after the surgery
  • Ensure that a family member or a friend is arranged to take care is available to stay with you for assistance the night after the surgery
  • Do not wear any lotion, perfume, makeup and sort cosmetic products at the day of the surgery.


Chin augmentation procedures are performed either by placing implants or reshaping the bones to achieve a desired effect which the two options outlined below.


Implants are appropriate for patients who have a receding, under projected or relatively mild or moderate small chins. During the procedure, incision is made outside under the chin or inside the mouth along the jawline. Once the pocket is created, implant is inserted by gently stretching the tissue. The pocket is then closed with sutures and in some cases micro screws made of titanium is also used to prevent migration of the implants. While silicone remains the most common material used for implants, materials made of medpor, gore-tex and acellular dermal matrix are also preferred by some surgeons. Chin implants commonly combined with neck lift platysmaplasty , liposuction and rhinoplasty nose surgery to achieve enhanced results.


Sliding genioplasty is also known as ‘Chin augmentation surgery’. It is appropriate for patients who have overly receded chins, asymmetrical and small chins for implants.

During this procedure, an incision is made inside the mouth, behind the lower lip. Part of the chin bone is removed forward and/or lengthened vertically to a desired position. Once moved, it is hold by screws to prevent mobility. This type of chin augmentation is capable of correcting complex chin abnormalities. It is more invasive than a chin implant with a slightly longer recovery period.

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