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Turkey at a glance by numbers



Medical tourism is a thriving industry in Turkey with over 850.000 medical tourist visits in 2018 and made Turkey within one of the top 5 medical tourist destination in the world. Below are some of the primary reasons why Turkey is a hotspot for medical tourism.

1. Certified Hospitals and Staff

Almost all the hospitals in Turkey are ISO certified and a total of 48 Joint Commission International (JCI) internationally accredited hospitals which ranksTurkey the second all over the world in terms of the number of accredited health institutions. JCI represents the gold standard in global health care by complying with the latest technology and ensuring the maintenance of a high standard. On the other hand, there are over 1200 board certified plastic surgeons in Turkey which makes Turkey 9th in the global ranking.

2. Less Waiting Time

The medicine industry in Turkey is well developed and self-sufficient for the domestic and international sector for treatment. This ensures for the medical tourists less waiting time for treatments.

3. Competitive Prices

Turkey is highly recognized for cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation and dental treatments at an incredibly low rates in comparison to US, UK and most of EU countries. Savings can be as high as 80% for the same treatments and even more in some cases. For instance, more complex procedures such as heart bypass surgery cost is around 170,000.-USD in USA and approximately 17,000.-USD in Turkey. Prices are simply more competitive due to the lower cost of living, lower doctor fees, cheaper medication and less administration and paperwork.

4. Geographical Advantage and Ease of Transportation

Turkey is one of the few transcontinental countries which is strategically located in both Asia and Europe which enables ease of transportation. Turkish Airlines which has nominated as ‘Best Airline in Europe’ for the last 6 years in a row and currently fly directly to 121 countries, 299 cities and 302 airports. This is by far the greater country coverage than any other airline in the world. Thanks to its geographical location, Turkey is within the 4 hours flight distance of almost 1 billion people from 57 countries.

5. Thermal Resources

Turkey has a great potential for geothermal resources and ranks 1st in Europe in terms of the number of thermal resources by having more than 1.500 thermal facilities. The duration of thermal cures up to 300 days in a year, while the duration of cure is limited to 120 days in most of the European countries. .

6. Hospitality and Culture

Guests treated as a member of family in Turkey as a culture enabling for the health tourists to feel at home. Health facilities arrange travel planning including flight arrangements, airport transfers, accomodation, translation and all the required needs of the patients on 24/7 basis.

7. Tourist Attractions

Turkey is one of the oldest inhabited countries of the world and the old capital of many Empires with 16 Unesco World Historical Heritage Sites. It certainly has a lot to offer including the unique Bosphorus, palaces, mansions, museums, historic bazaars, ancient cities, blue flag beaches, breathtaking landscape, winter sports, golf courses, modern shopping malls, music, entertainment, concerts, cultural art exhibitions, traditional Ottoman and Turkish cuisine along with different kinds of gastronomic choices and many more.

8. Ease of Visa

Turkey applies visa exemption to 78 countries and e-visa is required for 43 countries which can be easily issued through Republic of Turkey Electronic Visa Application System (

9. Fast Growing Destination and Government Support

Turkish government has taken radical steps towards improving the healthcare facilities and invested billions of dollars with the aim of being a major player in the global healthcare industry. The investment certainly paid back as the medical tourists visiting Turkey was only 74,000 in 2008, compared with more than 850,000 patients in 2018. Moreover, Ministry of Health has launched a hotline service in 2012 for the patients to be able to speak with a doctor through a translator by teleconference in English, German, French, Arabic, Russian and Persian. (Emergency Hotline: 112 International Patients Call Center: +90 850 288 38 38)

10. Accomodation Alternatives

There are plenty of hotels for every budget including international hotel chains to the boutique hotels at reasonable prices in comparison to US, UK and most of EU countries. There are more than 2000 hotels for 4 starred and 5 starred rating to choose from.