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Every patient across the globe has a right to look for the highest level of quality medical treatment at the most affordable cost, even if they have to travel abroad.

We believe that ‘someone’ you can depend on is on your side showing you the steps need to be taken and opening the doors to highest level of quality healthcare in Turkey by taking in to consideration the specific needs of each particular patient. MediExpert strives to be the ‘someone’ for you. Our goal is simply to be your partner through your healthcare journey.

We are specialized on hair transplantation with our own team working together for years having performed numerous successful hair transplantation operations. In addition to this, we act as a bridge between top-notch healthcare service providers and patients all around the globe for all kinds of plastic surgery, obesity treatments and dentistry by simplifying the medical process in order to make our patients healthcare experience easier.


‘’At MediExpert, we strive to help all the patients from across to globe to provide highest level of quality treatments throughout their healthcare experiences by focusing on the specific needs of each individual and dedicated to meet those goals by providing exceptional services’’


‘’To be the most patient centric company in health tourism sector in Turkey by providing world class medical solutions through extensive knowledge, integrity, empathy and support. ‘’


Patients always come first

High quality on every aspect of our job

Fast appointments

Complete transparency

We are your partner through your healthcare experience